Work and Play – It’s all about balance

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It’s rare to find the perfect balance between work and play. More often than not we tend to work too much and that can get us in trouble on a couple of fronts – physical & mental. But it’s important to try and find that balance.

In our professional lives we strive to be the best at what we do and without taking the time to relax and, well, play a little, stress pushes us to the point where we really don’t perform to the best of our abilities. We get mentally exhausted and sometimes the stress to perform results in higher blood pressure too.

Everyone needs a release. Think of yourself as a tea pot on a stove. The water starts out cool, then the heat builds up to the boiling point and the steam makes the top whistle. If the top didn’t relieve that pressure through the whistle the tea pot would explode. We are the same as that little tea pot, we need a way, as the popular saying goes, to let off a little steam.

I find that an activity such as surfing, walking on the beach, or bike riding helps me get in balance. For others it may be something simple like spending an afternoon with a good book, or a trip to the farmer’s market. Whatever it is, try to approach it with a clear mind, leaving work behind. Any activity that takes your mind of work will do the trick.

I was recently doing bio’s of the wonderful people who work here at CFP Studio for our web site and in doing that I was reminded of all the cool activities they do. I realized that it’s those stress relieving activities, that play time they do that makes them all so great at their jobs. Chris plays Disc Golf, Justine hikes in our local mountains, Samantha plays on a softball team, Laura does yoga classes, I surf, and Mario likes to explore L.A.. These activities help us relieve the stress of our demanding studio duties.

Whatever you choose to do to ‘let off a little steam’ don’t feel guilty about having fun. Remember that you wouldn’t be good at your 9-5 if you didn’t play a little bit.

Life has many facets ... Try to enjoy every little sparkle.



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